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You’re taking your first step to unleashing your wonderful self-made products out to FetHub customers. We really want to thank you for choosing us.

We are aware that other marketplaces exist, but consider the following:

FetHub is like minded, we just want to spread a little kink and be adult about things that spice things up for consenual play.

We commend other martketplaces, but they aren’t dedicated to the audiance most suited to your products.

We are a dedicated marketplace to all (legal) things fetish, BDSM and associated paraphinalia.

We will not try and mask your products, hide them away in deep levels of categories, we celebrate them and your skill as a creator.

We want to celebrate the craftmanship, skill and sheer wonderfulness of the things you make and want to sell.

We try and be more fair to you with our fee structure. Cheaper and better value than eBay or Etsy*

We don’t charge a monthly subscription fee, one may be optionally available in the future for a very minimal fee which is used to promote your products on say the front page. We will never force that on you, we belive consent is important in all things.

In time, you’ll be able to import products from marketplaces like Etsy so if you can post in multiple marketplaces.

The Adult Industry Club


We do have the Adult Industry Club, which we are partically proud of being the first marketplace to offer such a scheme for those in the industry.

    • We do ask you to support this, you can opt in/out. We will find away of showing which stores are part of it.
    • We also believe that this was our idea and not yours, so again if you do agree, we will have a separate fee structure in place where we reduce our fees and or commission rates, we’re not asking you to shoulder the whole impact to your revenue.
    • By joining you are supporting those professionals that are out there flogging themselves every day (Ok, may they may be flogging others)
    • You may get additional sales, anyone that is a validated member of the Adult Industry Club will be encouraged to create wishlists and place them in their own sites, social media profiles and basically promote it as they would any other wishlist. Should their followers wish to spluirge out on their favourite



Things you cannot sell.

    • There are a few things to consider
        • What postal and delivery companies will refuse to transport
        • What is not legal where you live
        • Electrical goods which are not either BS or CE approved – remember these need to be made by you.
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