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So what is the adult industry club? Well, it’s our way of giving back to those that inspire so many of the fetishes this site is here to support.

Whether you are a professional Dom, Domme, Escort, Adult Content Maker or otherwise in the adult industry, we think you’re amazing and it’s our desire to give you a site wide discount where possible to what we think are tools of your trade. 

We do ask all our sellers to sign up to the optional scheme (consent is key!). We appreciate some may be working to such tight margins, as it’s handcrafted goods, it’s uneconomical for them. In time, we may be able to offer levels of discounts that sellers can provide, Gold/Silver/Bronze etc – we would be interested in your thoughts as how we would present such a scheme to you. Any item sold directly by FetHub will be included.

In order to be eligible, you need to have a current online presence that we can validate. This can be twitter/X, facebook, onlyfans, adultwork, instagram, fetlife or other site including your own. Other mechanisms can also be investigated, just ask when you submit your application.


First, sign up as a customer and complete the below form, we’re after enough detail so we can validate you. Once you complete the form, our webslaves will validate one or more methods. We will send a DM via that method and provide a code. Until we can automate this with a simple click of a link to validate, we’ll ask you provide this verification code to our special aic (at) email address. The membership will then be applied to your FetHub account when we are assured it’s you. We’ll provide instructions when we provide you with a validation code.


For the time being, these are consumer transactions so we need to collect the VAT. In time, we may offer a B2B AIC where VAT is excluded for some purchases.

As we are sure there is always a level of discretion in your personal and professional lives, we do ask that you do not discuss the level of discount that you receive though.

We reserve the right to remove such membership at any time (although very unlikely), it’s just to cover ourselves should it ever come to that.


Currently we cannot offer a Wishlist that is compatible with our vision, which is to allow fans to buy you something from your Wishlist and hide any of your personal data from them. Until that time, the Wishlist will be for you just to track items you are interested in buying.

We did discuss if we would run it in such a way where they buy it, use us as the delivery address (so we know) and then send the items to the postal address held in the account of the Wishlist owner. We’re open to suggestions or let us know if this is something we should put back on the table. 

Application Form
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
This is the email address you used to sign up for your fethub customer account. We need this to link it back following verification.
This can either be your public 'stage' name, or real. Just so we know how to address you when verifying you. If you only go by a single name, stick 'none' in the last name field.
Please provide details of sites or profiles where we can validate you. We will send a DM to at least one of the submitted profiles with a short code that we will ask you email back to us so we are sure we can validate you.
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