Being adult about marketplaces

So what is this club? The adult industry club is a discount scheme for those in the industry as professionals. This includes content creators, or those providing services so if you are out there as doms, dommes, masters, mistresses, escorts, cam workers. If you professionally either full or part time provide adult related or BDSM services then we feel it’s the least we can do to support you in your endeavours.

We will ask for verification of these services by validating your online presence. This may be twitter, instagram, services related sites – either your own or something like adultwork.

Once in the scheme you should see a discount applied to your purchases via FetHub.

We do ask that all of our vendors selling through FetHub also honour this scheme but their discount amount may vary.

We’ll also love you to create a wishlist, you can then share this with your target audience and get items you’d like delivered whilst protecting your personal details.