There’s a bunch of stuff that we need to set out so it makes it clear legally how we both stand. Yup, its normally mumbo jumbo and its likely you’ve already clicked passed this but please be aware these are the terms of the site and the contracts you enter into herein, we have tried hard to stay away from legal speak where we can. Its OK, we won’t ask for your first born which some sites have slipped into these types of contracts in the past for giggles. For the purposes of defining a contract, FetHub offers a marketplace where sellers can advertise their goods, we don’t have any authority over them other than we ask them to adhere to legal and contractual requirements with us where they create and dispatch the goods from. We would like to think the moral ones are a given, but for the sake of clarity sometimes we have to cover these too.


First off, no unauthorised security testing or attempts to hack our site. By that, no nMap, no Burpsuite, no Metasploit, no attempting SQL Injections, no brute force authentication attacks (Our password isn’t ‘admin’, ‘root’ or ‘fethub’, and definitely not ‘raspberry’! – Yes we check our SIEM!) – the list goes on. We are fastidious on applying patches usually the same day. This isn’t a capture the flag site, go to Offensive Security to prepare for your OSCP for that! If you’re dumb enough to try directly, will report you to Action Fraud, and for those that don’t take the hint, NCSC. We are deadly serious about protecting the data of our customers processed by this site. If you do want to test us legitimately, contact our security team. We can, under the right circumstances offer a bug bounty, or a discount voucher in the infinitesimally small likelihood you do find something! Using bots to register spam accounts is also just futile.

By visiting this site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t agree, then we wish you well my friend, you won’t have permission to use this site.


We have worked hard to make this site as accessible as possible, and a great experience. We appreciate your time so we’ve invested ours to help you get the best out of it. We use standard shopping cart processes, you should be comfortable with the process and function of the site. If the text is a bit small, please use your zoom function within the browser you are using. (Usually [SHIFT + CTRL] and the + and – keys).


You must be at least 18 years of age or have the legal right to possess adult material in your community, and are not offended by adult merchandise including such things as sex toys, bondage equipment, vibrators and other adult or fetish related products that you might have to turn your head sideways to work out what they are.


We are all for protecting our future customers, but if you’re under the age of 18 (or as stated by your local laws for purchasing items on this site) this site isn’t for you, not yet. This isn’t a site to look for boobies, or willies. This is a Hard Limit (ask your Mummy or Daddy about their Hard Limits). If we have reason to believe that an order or an account has been registered by a minor, we will delete the account. No questions asked. As soon as you hit adulthood, feel free to sign up, reach out to us – and we’ll see about a discount voucher for your 18th Birthday!


We are here for all kinky loving people, that’s about the only label we use – we might call you customers too from time to time. How you identify, where you are on your voyage of self discovery or what gets you off. Its your journey and we support you! We are all about the freedom to express your consensual and informed sexuality as you wish, and the more things we can help you find to achieve that, we’re all happy! Really, we shouldn’t really have to mention it, but if you were wondering – here it is. Being adult about marketplaces!


The Vendor ‘FetHub’ is the trading name for FH Online Ltd and we have our own store to help pay for the running of the site costs etc. When you offer to purchase something from any of the vendors, effectively you are entering into a separate contract between you and that vendor.

We hold payment in escrow for a period of time so no one can cut and run before you’re given the opportunity to exercise your legal rights under EU Law. This is in place as we’re not as big as global marketplaces or auction sites and it helps ensure our financial survival.

The site hosts goods for sale for which a tender is made, so you are making us an offer to purchase the item described at the price noted on the web page. When you go through the cart process you will be asked for full payment including any postage and packaging that may be relevant. Your tender will then be reviewed and if approved we will accept your offer and issue you a sales order notice detailing the items, the price and expected delivery date. It is at this point we accept your offer and enter into a contract to supply the goods.

If there are any issues we will contact you immediately, our systems syncronise periodically so any low stock items we should be able to honour and we will let you know if there are any issues, if an item is out of stock and we cannot provide it in a reasonable amount of time, we will refund to the payment method used to pay for the goods. This is rare, but we want to set things out so we’re not hiding anything.

All goods supplied by the vendor ‘FetHub’ remain the property of the FH Online Ltd until such time as they are paid for in full.

By entering this website you have released and discharged the providers\/owners and creators of this site from any and all liability which might arise. All goods sold through this site are sold as ‘novelty goods’.

The vendor FH Online Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any injury caused by their use. Some products shown on this website may vary slightly from the images displayed from time to time.

Products that use Animal Non-Food items such as leathers, hides etc are not sourced for that purpose the items are made as a by-product, we’re fans animal welfare and not using any animal illegally or conversely letting anything its provided like its hide, go to waste either.

All claims for delivery shortages and damages must be reported to FetHub within 3 days of the delivery date. All packages returned to us undelivered will be subject to an additional charge before being re-shipped to your customer. FH Online Ltd cannot be held responsible for orders being delayed by incorrect information supplied during the checkout process.

Your order is charged in the name of our holding company FH Online Ltd. Material on this site may not be copied, reproduced, republished, re-posted, broadcast or transmitted in any way without prior written permission of the copyright holder.

All material is the copyright property via FH Online Ltd. We want you to promise (but can’t hold you to it). If you buy something from us, that you make sure you get full use out of it, don’t let it hide in a toybox, drawer, cupboard or in dark corners

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